for Iyengar Yoga Teachers


We are delighted to offer our community a comprehensive continuing education course starting in October 2006.  Our mission is to ensure each participant the continuation of high-quality instruction needed to fill the ever expanding role Iyengar yoga now plays throughout the world. 



This course is open to all Iyengar yoga teachers certified Introductory or above.  In it we thoroughly cover all the Junior Intermediate syllabi (I-III), including:


      Functional Anatomy and Physiology: a working knowledge of general anatomy and physiology is required. In this course joint movement and functionality as well as the internal dynamics of the organic systems are studied in relationship to asana, pranayama and therapeutic applications of Iyengar Yoga;  

      Fine tuning of teaching abilities necessary for the Junior Intermediate levels;

      Integrated practice of all the required asana, their interrelationships with one another and with all previous syllabi;

      Development of sequencing abilities in practice and teaching;

      Pre- and post-natal applications (required at Junior Intermediate II and above); Observation and correction techniques (hands-on adjustments and therapeutic applications);

      How to integrate philosophical principles into a daily class.


All sessions include peer teaching, written homework assignments and practical teaching drills for the asana room.  Individualized projects are assigned based on each person's goals.  Though this is not a course for assessment specifically, issues surrounding the process at each junior intermediate level are addressed.


Please note that each weekend session includes all of the above with an emphasis towards the anatomy and physiology scheduled for the weekend.   Hours are 8am to 5pm each day, with a short lunch break.


October 14-15       lower limb (foot, ankle, knee)
                              Lymphatic system

December 2-3       lower torso (pelvic girdle and lower spine)
                             overview of skeletal disorders (e.g. arthritis, disc problems, etc.)
                             Digestive/Urinary systems

January 20-21        Reproductive systems including:
                              Male/female disorders, infertility, pre/post natal, menopause

March 3-4             Guest Teacher Joan White:
                               sequencing/ assessment

April 21-22            upper torso (shoulder girdle and upper spine)
                              upper limb  (elbow, wrist, hand)
                              Cardiovascular/ Respiratory systems 

June 2-3                  cervical spine and head
                               Nervous System/ Mind



All sessions will be held at The Beverly Hills Iyengar Yoga Studio at 320 N. Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles, California  90077.   In order to better serve those coming from out of town, we are happy to provide a list of accommodations (including private homes and hotels) as well as dining and travel recommendations.


$1495 payable by September 15th, 2006.  Since admission is limited there will be no refunds after this. Make Checks payable to SCST (Stress Control Systems Trust)


To register please submit a $100 non-refundable deposit along with your name, address, phone number and e-mail.  Include a full description of your yoga teacher training to date (including trips to Pune), your formal education and your current teaching schedule. We would also like to know your personal goals for this course.

Deadline: August 1st, 2006 

If you have questions, or wish to reserve a space, please call or e-mail

Anna at (818) 761-9792 or
Eric at (310) 275-6850 or

We very much look forward to this in-depth, intense and exciting exploration with a small and dedicated group of fellow students!